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God Has a Better Way Than Homosexuality...

  1. Testimonies of Change Through the Power of the Gospel.
  2. FROM TO Campaign-Carlos "FROM homosexuality TO holiness"
    FROM TO Campaign-Trace "FROM drag queen TO child of the King"
    FROM TO Campaign-Debbie "FROM gay TO godliness"

  3. Can people really come out of homosexuality?
  4. Real Stories from Exodus International
    People Can Change: Is Change Really Possible?

  5. Are you struggling with same-sex attraction?
  6. Exodus International: Help
    People Can Change

  7. What does the Bible say about homosexuality?
  8. Video: The Bible and Homosexual Practice: Seperating Fact From Fiction
    Video: Are We Using the Bible to Sanction Anti-Homosexual Prejudice?
    Robert Gagnon Video: What Does the Bible Teach About Homosexuality?
    More Articles and Videos from Robert Gagnon

  9. What are the effects of same-sex parenting?
  10. Resources from Dawn Stefanowicz
    Mothering Denied: Free E-Book