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Report on 2009 GBW Event From Dr. Brown

I want to thank all of you for your participation in our historic God Has a Better Way event in Charlotte this past Saturday. To all of you who came to be with us, to all of you who sent notes of encouragement, to all of you who prayed and fasted, to all of you who made financial contributions, to all of you who helped get the word out - thank you from the bottom of my heart! Click HERE to see a sampling of photos from the event.

  • Never before have so many believers come together to glorify Jesus at a gay pride event. More than 500 attended, with more than 350 of them wearing red t-shirts that proclaimed "God Has a Better Way." Believers came from Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Missouri, and all over North Carolina. One man actually flew in from California just to be with us!

  • Hundreds of Pride Charlotte attendees heard the gospel in a loving, personal way. We have received many reports from our evangelism teams of quality conversations with LGBT men and women who were open to receive prayer or were willing to hear more about Jesus. We have also received firsthand reports of physical healings and, more importantly, of some Pride attendees turning to the Lord in a deep and serious way.

  • Pastors and congregants from many local churches, both small and large, joined together to pray, worship, repent, and reach out. This was not a one-church, one-person event but an expression of the Body of Christ in a significant way. We are already strategizing about ways to make next year's event far more effective, along with ways to reach our goal of 1,000 believers attending.

  • Out of God Has a Better Way, a significant prayer and fasting movement could be birthed. There were weeks of prayer and fasting leading up to the event, and our friend Lou Engle is working with us to see how we can raise up a lasting house of prayer that will target the salvation and liberation of homosexual men and women and the turning back of homosexual activism. We will let you know how you can be part of this in the coming days!

  • We received balanced coverage in the local media, and we were able to release an important statement to the nation. Take a look at the article in the Charlotte Observer and watch the video from News 14. And after you watch the video, then read the featured story in our Voice of Revolution online magazine for a surprising turn of events. You'll be blessed by what you read! You can also read Charisma's excellent article that was published immediately before the event took place. For our statement to the media, click here.

  • We have also been under lots of verbal attack because of God Has a Better Way, a sure sign that we're on the right track. We didn't want to draw too much attention to the negative attacks before the event took place, but the attacks were there (understandably so) and they have not let up since. For a great summary of what has been going on, see the article by Bob Unruh in World Net Daily. By God's grace, we will overcome hatred with love and misunderstanding with patience and grace.

Those of us who were there for God Has a Better Way will not forget the blazing heat, the fervent prayer, the thousands of broken, lost men and women at our doorstep, and the deep sense that God is doing something in Charlotte that is getting the attention of the nation. From Charlotte the message of "reach out and resist" going forth, as together, we reach out to homosexual men and women with compassion and resist gay activism with courage.

Thank you once more for your solidarity and support.

In Him,

Dr. Michael L. Brown